Gala at Woltosz Football Performance Center in Auburn, Alabama on Thursday, Jan 6, 2022.<br />
Elaina Eichorn/Auburn Tigers

The Elaina Photography Experience:

We keep it simple! Everything is included in the price listed. The price includes all full-resolution photos, free download, editing time, travel time, etc. There are no add-ons or extra charges. Tips are welcomed but not necessary.  After we finish the photo shoot, I will email/text you a link to a gallery with all your photos. You can then download the images you want, with no download fees. This website offers products you can buy with your photos, but they are optional as I do not many any commission off of it. I also recommend Shutterfly, or your local CVS/Walgreens

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Are you a company or brand that wants to work with me? Have an event coming up at work that you want to document? You're in the right place! Here's a breakdown of what I can offer you:

Working on a budget? Let's talk!

Event Coverage - This is based on an hourly rate. I can do a wide range of candid shots to posed "photo booth" style photos. 

1 hour      $350 Flat rate

2 hours    $450 ($225/hour)

3 hours    $600 ($200/hour)

4 hours    $760 ($190/hour)

5+ hours  Contact me for pricing

Product Photography - Includes all angles of product, different background options, detail and wide shots, and more!

In-Person Shoot: $40/Item (minimum 5 products)

Ship me your product: $25/Item (minimum 5 products)

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Document you and your friends all fancy! Each session includes group shots, small groups, individuals, and family pics. Remember your night forever with timeless photos.

Pricing is per person. For example, if the price of your group of 2 is $100, each person would owe $50. (Price listed/# of People = Price per person)

2-5 People       $200

6-10 People     $300

11-15 People    $400

16-20 People   $500

20+ People      Contact me for pricing

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Concert/Live Show

Concerts are one of my absolute favorites to photograph! Pricing is currently based on hourly rates. A wide variety of photos will be included, such as crowd shots, atmosphere shots, subject action, and more! No original photos, only edits. 

1 hour           $200 Flat rate

2 hours         $350 ($175/hour)

3 hours         $480 ($160/hour)

4 hours         $600 ($150/hour)

5+ hours       Contact me for pricing

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Coming soon...

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Coming soon...